PHT 235 Pharmaceutical Calculations & Compounding Techniques

4 Credit Hours • 67.5 Contact Hours (45 Lecture, 22.5 Lecture/Lab Combination)

Prerequisite: MAT 103

Develops the skills necessary for performing calculations in pharmacy practice and the compounding of sterile and non-sterile products. Includes a review of basic mathematical skills.. Enables the student to solve problems involving calculations pertinent to the preparations of pharmaceuticals. These skills are put to practical use in the compounding portion of this course. Preparation of sterile products, parenteral admixtures, TPN solutions and chemotherapeutics, using proper aseptic techniques are taught. The safe handling of antineoplastics and other hazardous drug products, as well as special drug storage requirements is learned. Emphasizes the importance of accuracy, quality and infection control. Use and maintenance of equipment such as Laminar Flow Hoods, auto-injectors, and pumps is discussed.