Message from the President

Welcome PPCC Students,

Congratulations on your decision to further your education. College graduates enjoy a lifetime of higher wages, lower unemployment, better health and involved citizenship. By choosing to open this catalog, to either continue or begin your journey in higher education, you are also choosing a lifetime of benefits associated with higher education.

Pikes Peak Community College (PPCC) is built around the mission of helping you, the student, be successful in accomplishing your goals. We offer a tremendous range of educational programs that lead to not only jobs, but also careers in the Colorado Springs region. We also offer the courses needed for you to successfully transfer to a university.

As a student at PPCC you will enjoy the opportunity to meet with others who share your interests and goals. College is a wonderful place for building connections with other students, faculty members, and staff who have similar interests. PPCC offers numerous clubs and organizations to enrich your college experience. As a bonus, students who get involved enjoy higher rates of graduation and can impress future employers with their involvement and leadership too.

Pikes Peak is a college built to serve all students. We offer day care for parents of young children, Math and English labs for students who want help excelling in their classes, mentoring programs for students who need and want that leadership in their lives, and advising and financial aid resources to help you build your dream and see it through to reality.

Your success is our goal. We offer high quality educational programs at affordable rates. The opportunities available to you at Pikes Peak will allow you to reach your dreams. From here, you can go anywhere!


Lance Bolton, Ph.D.