Maximum Course Load

A course load, determined by the student and the advisor, may not exceed 18 credit hours per semester without the approval of the instructional division dean. The standard student load of a full-time student is 15 credit hours per semester although 12 credit hours are considered full-time. Certain career and technical programs approved by the State Board for Community Colleges and Occupational Education may require students to take up to 24 credit hours per semester. For such programs, students will be allowed to take all necessary courses. In no case may a course load exceed 24 credit hours per semester except by written approval of the Vice President for Educational Services at or before the time of registration.

Student work load for a course should be estimated according to the following formula: two hours of outside preparation for every one hour of lecture and one hour of outside preparation for every two to three hours of laboratory. Any course syllabus that indicates different preparation times takes precedence over this general requirement.