Learning Assistance Centers/Tutoring

Centennial • A-212 • 502-3444

Downtown Studio • DO-S126 • 502-3444

Rampart Range • S-101 • 502-3444

Falcon • FN-Pod 603 • 502-3830

The Learning Assistance Centers/Tutoring are available to assist you in achieving your learning goals and helping you reach your fullest academic potential at PPCC. We offer:

  • College Success workshops
  • Learning Styles Inventories
  • Placement test and Finals workshops
  • Success Planning
  • Supplemental Instruction (SI) sessions
  • Tutor Training
  • Tutoring (Group and additional)

Free services and tutoring are available to all PPCC students. Group sessions are available on a drop-in basis; however, students in need of additional tutoring must complete and submit an Application for Tutoring. Tutoring is dependent upon available resources; instructor referrals do not guarantee tutoring assignments.

In addition, students seeking tutoring services must:

  • Follow the course sequence outlined by their academic advisor (tutoring does not take the place of prerequisites).
  • Be enrolled in the class for which tutoring is requested
  • Attend class, participate, and make reasonable academic progress
  • Utilize College resources (i.e. Math Lab and/or Writing Center)

Additional tutoring is limited to two subjects per semester. Additional tutoring is also limited to two completed semesters for the same course.