Emergencies and Crime Reporting

For emergencies dial 719-502-2911 or 911.

The emergency number 911 should only be used in emergency situations when a police officer, fire fighter, or paramedic is needed right away. If you are ever in doubt, call 911. 911 should not be used for non-emergencies.

For emergencies on campus, call 719-502-2911 to reach Campus Police. 911 may be used as an alternate number but will ring to the local/neighboring Police Department or Sheriff’s Office first, thus adding delay to Campus Police response.

All emergencies and suspected criminal actions must be promptly reported to the Department of Public Safety. Public Safety officials will take whatever action is deemed necessary to protect life and property and to enforce all Federal and State laws and regulations.

The Department of Public Safety monitors and records all known criminal activities associated with the College, including criminal activity associated with off-campus student organizations.

The Crime Prevention section of the Department of Public Safety offers programs to the campus community. Operation Identification and 911 Readiness are offered for children at the Child Development Centers. Operation Identification kits may be picked up at any Public Safety office.

The Colorado State Legislature has granted authority to commissioned officers of the Department of Public Safety to enforce all laws and regulations. Officers work in cooperation with State and local law enforcement agencies.