Assessment for Student Success

The assessment of student learning at Pikes Peak Community College is an ongoing, evolving process that involves the entire college community. The College Outcomes Assessment Team (COAT) is charged with developing and implementing an assessment plan to gather evidence about what students know and can do as a result of their respective courses of study. This evidence is then used to improve teaching, learning, and overall program quality, enabling the College to meet the needs of students and the community it serves. The assessment process, with its focus on student learning and success, reflects the vision and values of Pikes Peak Community College as stated in the Strategic Plan. Assessment activities are formally documented in an annual report, copies of which are available for review.

Assessment of student learning in the Associate degree programs involves identifying and measuring General Education Student Learning Outcomes across all content areas. The following outcomes were identified by faculty as instrumental to student success:

  • Communication ( Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening)
  • Community Skills
  • Critical Thinking
  • Information/Literacy
  • Math Skills

Assessment of student learning in Career and Technical Education degree programs is conducted by individual programs. Each program identified outcomes based on the career objectives of its students. Successful learning outcomes assessment depends on the active participation of students. Among the roles that students can assume in assessment are:

  • Participating in both direct and indirect assessment activities such as tests, portfolios, interviews, and surveys
  • Helping to publicize assessment activities
  • Participating in pilot studies
  • Providing feedback and comments on activities