TRiO-Disabled Student Support Services


Disabled Student Support Services (DSSS) is a federally funded grant program that helps to increase the number of college students with disabilities, low-income college students with disabilities, as well as first generation college students, in the United States successfully complete a program of study at the postsecondary level. DSSS provides opportunities for academic development, assistance with basic college requirements, and mentoring students toward the successful completion of their postsecondary education.


To be eligible to participate in the TRiO-Disabled Student Support Services Program, students must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • is a citizen or national of the United State or meets the residency requirements for Federal student financial assistance,
  • is enrolled at the grantee institution or accepted for enrollment in the next academic term at the institution,
  • has a need for academic support, as determined by the grantee, in order to purse successfully a postsecondary educational program and,
  • is low-income, first-generation college student or an individual with disabilities.

DSSS serves a limited number of students every year and we invite you to apply in person or online at