Transfer to PPCC

All credits earned at regionally accredited colleges or universities (including PPCC) or other approved educational institutions may be applied toward fulfilling PPCC program requirements. Transferability of credit is based on the following conditions:

  • Credits must have been earned within 15 years prior to admission to PPCC.
  • Courses in which a grade of C or above was earned will be accepted in transfer when the courses are applicable to PPCC programs and in accordance with PPCC requirements. Credit will be transferred only from an official transcript from the originating institution.

Students who have credits they wish to transfer to PPCC that can replace a substandard grade earned at PPCC must see an advisor to initiate that request. If approved, this will result in the points associated with that grade being excluded from the student’s cumulative GPA. The grade earned at PPCC will still appear on the student’s official transcripts. Other institutions receiving a PPCC transcript for transfer of academic courses are not bound by this college policy and may choose to calculate the student’s transfer GPA to include all grades, even those excluded by PPCC under this policy.