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Pikes Peak Community College

All About PPCC

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Tuition and Fees

Academic Standards

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Student Life

Services for the Community

Educational Programs

Degree & Program Requirements

Associate of Arts Degrees (AA)

Associate of Science Degree (AS)

Associate of General Studies Degree (AGS)

Associate of Applied Science Degrees (AAS) and Certificates

Bachelor of Applied Science Course of Study

Other Programs and Courses of Study

Course Descriptions

Course Numbering System

Developmental Courses

Independent Study

Off Campus Courses

Selected Topics

State-Guaranteed Curriculum

Work Experience Courses

Accounting Courses

Advancing Academic Achievement Courses

Agriculture Crops & Soils Course

American Sign Language Courses

Anthropology Courses

Arabic Courses

Architectural Engineer/Construction Management Courses

Art Courses

ART 110 Art Appreciation: AH1

ART 111 Art History Ancient to Medieval: AH1

ART 112 Art History Renaissance to 1900: AH1

ART 113 History of Photography

ART 114 Art Sampler

ART 115 Stained Glass I

ART 116 Stained Glass II

ART 117 Fiber Design I

ART 118 Weaving Techniques Southwest I

ART 119 Weaving Techniques Southwest II

ART 121 Drawing I

ART 122 Drawing for the Graphic Novel

ART 124 Watercolor I

ART 127 Landscape Drawing I

ART 128 Figure Drawing I

ART 129 Printmaking I

ART 131 Visual Concepts 2-D Design

ART 132 Visual Concepts 3-D Design

ART 133 Jewelry & Metalwork I

ART 137 Enameling on Metal I

ART 138 Film Photography I

ART 139 Digital Photography I

ART 142 Landscape Photography

ART 144 Portrait Photography

ART 149 Mixed Media I: Digital Art

ART 150 Digital Art Foundations I

ART 151 Painting I

ART 152 Landscape Painting

ART 153 Pastel Painting

ART 154 Figure Painting I

ART 155 Portraiture

ART 161 Ceramics I

ART 162 Handbuilt Clay I

ART 163 Handbuilt Clay II

ART 164 Handbuilt Clay III

ART 165 Sculpture I

ART 166 Raku

ART 167 Sculpting the Figure

ART 207 Art History–1900 to Present: AH1

ART 208 Culture Studies

ART 209 Studio Art

ART 210 Marketing for Visual Arts

ART 211 Business of Visual Art

ART 215 Stained Glass III

ART 216 Stained Glass IV

ART 217 Fiber Design II

ART 218 Weaving Techniques Southwest III

ART 219 Weaving Techniques Southwest IV

ART 221 Drawing II

ART 222 Drawing III

ART 223 Drawing IV

ART 224 Watercolor II

ART 225 Watercolor III

ART 226 Watercolor IV

ART 227 Landscape Drawing II

ART 228 Advanced Figure Drawing

ART 229 Printmaking II

ART 230 Color Theory

ART 232 Advanced Visual Concepts 3-D Design

ART 233 Jewelry & Metalwork II

ART 234 Jewelry & Metalwork III

ART 235 Jewelry & Metalwork IV

ART 237 Enameling on Metal II

ART 238 Film Photography II

ART 239 Digital Photography II

ART 242 Alternative Photo Processes

ART 249 Mixed Media II: Digital Art

ART 250 Digital Art Foundations II

ART 251 Painting II

ART 252 Painting III

ART 253 Painting IV

ART 254 Advanced Figure Painting

ART 255 Mural Painting I

ART 256 Mixed Media Painting

ART 261 Ceramics II

ART 262 Ceramics III

ART 263 Ceramics IV

ART 264 Ceramic Sculpture

ART 265 Sculpture II

ART 280 Internship

ART 289 Capstone

Astronomy Courses

Auto Motorsports Technology Courses

Automotive Collision Technology Courses

Automotive Service Technology Courses

Biology Courses

Business Courses

Business & Technology Education Courses

Carpentry Courses

Chemistry Courses

Chinese Courses

College Composition & Reading Courses

Communication Courses

Computer Aided Drafting Courses

Computer & Networking Technology Courses

Computer Information Systems Courses

Computer Science Courses

Computer Web-Based Courses

Construction Technology Courses

Criminal Justice Courses

Culinary Arts Courses

Dance Courses

Deaf Prep Courses

Dental Assisting Courses

Diesel Power Mechanics Courses

Dietetic Technology Courses

Driving Courses

Early Childhood Education Courses

Economics Courses

Education Courses

Electricity Industrial Commercial Courses

Electronics Courses

Emergency Management & Planning Courses

Emergency Medical Services Courses

Emergency Services Administration Courses

Engineering Courses

Engineering Graphics Technology Courses

English Courses

English as a Second Language Courses

Entrepreneurship Course

Environmental Science Courses

Ethnic Studies Courses

Finance Courses

Fire Science Technology Courses

Fire Science Wildland Courses

Foreign Languages Courses

French Courses

Geography Courses

Geology Courses

German Courses

Health and Wellness Courses

Health Professional Courses

Heating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology Courses

History Courses

Holistic Health Professional Course

Horticulture Courses

Humanities Courses

Interior Design Courses

Interpreter Prep Program Courses

Italian Courses

Japanese Courses

Journalism Courses

Law Enforcement Courses

Literature Courses

Machining Courses

Management Courses

Manufacturing Technology Courses

Marketing Courses

Math Courses

Mediation Courses

Medical Assistant Professional Courses

Medical Office Technology Courses

Meteorology Course

Multimedia Graphic Design Courses

Music Courses

Natural Resources Courses

Nursing Courses

Nursing Assistant Courses

Occupational Safety Technician Course

Outdoor Studies Courses

Paralegal Courses

Pharmacy Technician Courses

Philosophy Courses

Photography Courses

Physical Education Courses

Physics Courses

Political Science Courses

Psychology Courses

Public Security Management Courses

Radio & Television Courses

Radiologic Technology Courses

Recreation Courses

Russian Courses

Science Courses

Social Work Courses

Sociology Courses

Spanish Courses

Theatre Courses

Translation & Tourism Courses

Water Quality Management Courses

Welding Courses

Women's Studies Course

Zoo Keeping Courses

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