Student Activity Fees

Student fees are legally required of all students. The fees support school activities, concerts, recreation, clubs and organizations, and special events for students. The fees also support Student Government and the Campus Center at the Centennial Campus, student spaces at the Downtown Studio and Rampart Range Campuses, student activities at all campuses, the Child Development Centers and the school's sustainability efforts.

Student Government is responsible for allocating their portion of your Student Activity Fees. The Budget Hearing Committee of Student Government meets annually in the spring to hear budget requests from recognized student clubs and organizations and to allocate those monies. Organizations included in this disbursement are Student Government, Student Activities, the Campus Center, recognized clubs who submit a budget request with justification (such as PTK, PBL, BSU, etc.), special projects and others. For further information you may contact the Campus Life Office in room A-210 or Student Government in room A-204 at the Centennial Campus.

The parking fee is used to provide and maintain parking areas. A free hang tag for the Downtown Studio Campus parking garage is available for vehicles at the Campus Police Office.

Upon first enrolling at PPCC, students must get a student ID card from the Campus Life Office. This ID is good for the student’s entire PPCC career. If lost or stolen, a replacement ID will cost $10. Students must have a valid ID to use the library and computer labs, to attend student activities, and to verify current student status.