Social Work Transfer

Associate of Arts Course of Study

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Recommended basic skills standards are

This program provides the first two years for transfer students who wish to pursue a career in social work or the human services field. Because of different requirements at four-year institutions, it is important that students work with advisors.

NOTE: Metro State University has specific program requirements for transfer; consult your program advisor for specifics.

NOTE: To be employed in the social work field it is expected that you will be able to pass background checks. This will include fingerprinting for the Colorado Bureau of Investigation and a Central Registry Inquiry.

Courses marked with an asterisk [*] are not currently offered at PPCC.

Written Communication

Six (6) credit hours

ENG 121

English Composition I: CO1


ENG 122

English Composition II: CO2





ENG 122

English Composition II: CO2


ENG 201

English Composition III: CO3


Oral Communication

Three (3) credit hours

Suggested Course

COM 115

Public Speaking



Four (4) credit hours minimum (credit hours over four [4] will be applied to the electives category). Full list of requirements.

Required Courses

MAT 135

Introduction to Statistics: MA1


MAT 179

Computer Applications for Statistical Procedures


Arts and Humanities / Social and Behavioral Sciences

Fifteen (15) credit hours. Full list of requirements.

Two guaranteed transfer Arts and Humanities courses from two different areas (AH1, AH2, AH3, AH4).

Two guaranteed transfer Social and Behavioral Sciences courses from two different areas (SS1, SS2, SS3).

One additional course from Arts and Humanities or Social and Behavioral Sciences (AH1, AH2, AH3, AH4, SS1, SS2, SS3).

Required Courses


POS 111

American Government: SS1



PSY 101

General Psychology I: SS3


SOC 101

Introduction to Sociology I: SS3



One guaranteed transfer course from History (HI1)


HIS 101, HIS 102, HIS 111, HIS 112, HIS 121, HIS 122, HIS 203, HIS 205, HIS 207, HIS 208, HIS 215, HIS 218, HIS 225, HIS 235, HIS 236, HIS 243, HIS 244, HIS 245*, HIS 246*, HIS 247, HIS 249, HIS 250, HIS 251, HIS 255, HIS 259, HIS 260

Natural and Physical Sciences

Eight (8) credit hours gtPathways Natural and Physical Sciences courses (SC1, SC2), including at least one (1) lab course (SC1, SC2). Additional credit hours over eight (8) will be applied to the electives category. Full list of requirements.

Required Courses

BIO 105

Science of Biology w/Lab: SC1



Four (4) credit hours from SC1 or SC2


Additional Required Courses

Twenty-one (21) credit hours selected from the AA approved course list.

ETH 224

Introduction to Chicano Studies


SWK 100

Introduction to Social Work


SWK 201

Human Behavior in the Social Environment I


SWK 202

Human Behavior in the Social Environment II


SWK 205

Social Welfare in the U.S.


SWK 222

Introduction to Social Work Practice


WST 200

Introduction to Women's Studies: SS3


Total Credit Hours


SWK courses must be taken for the Colorado State University - Pueblo Social Work Program and count toward electives. SWK courses require paperwork from your advisor to be used in an AA degree. SWK courses transfer to Colorado State University–Pueblo Social Work Program.

In addition to the SWK courses, you must select one to three (1-3) credits from the AA Approved Course electives. Full list of electives.