Residency Classification Appeals

Out-of-state students pay higher tuition than in-state students. Students classified as out-of-state who believe that they are in-state may appeal by picking up a "Petition for In-State Tuition Classification" from the Student Services Centers. The petition and required supporting documents must be submitted to the Student Services Centers by the deadline listed in the class schedule. Turning in a petition does not guarantee that residency status will be changed. If the petition is denied, the student must drop classes by the deadline or pay out-of-state tuition and fees.

To challenge the ruling on a petition, students may appeal to the Tuition Classification Review Committee. Ask the Student Services Centers personnel for details.

The general requirements for Colorado residency are as follows:

  • 12 months of continuous domicile in the state of Colorado
  • Have filed Colorado state income tax returns as a Colorado resident
  • Have a Colorado driver’s license

For the entire Colorado policy regarding residency, go to All information used to prove Colorado residency must be submitted to the Student Services Center by the first day of class for the full term.