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All records of enrollment at PPCC are kept in the Student Services Centers. Transcripts are available upon request within certain timelines, normally one to three days for processing. Transcripts are not released without the student submitting a transcript request form and will not be released until all accounts with the College are current. Students may view their records and ask to have information corrected or kept private. The transcript request form can be found online at

The College releases directory information upon legitimate request. Directory information is defined as a student’s name, semesters attended, most recent previous school attended, major field of study, and degrees and awards received. To keep this information private, students may file a written request with the Student Services Centers. The form is located at

All students attending classes at PPCC are assumed to be independent, and therefore, information, other than directory information, is not provided to parents or other persons or agencies unless the student authorizes the release of data by completing the "Release of Non-Directory Information" form.

No transcript or information other than that listed above is normally released to the public without written consent that specifies the information to be released. The College releases records and accounts to appropriate U.S. government representatives in compliance with federal statutes. In addition, certain state officials may lawfully be entitled to information from student records.

Information concerning the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act is available in the Students Services Centers and online at

All application/records materials become property of PPCC when submitted to the institution.