Associate of Arts Degree with Designation

Recommended basic skills standards are

Psychologists study the behavior of individuals and groups and often help individuals achieve satisfactory personal adjustments. Their work includes varied activities such as teaching in colleges and universities, counseling and psychotherapy, psychological testing, planning and conducting training programs for workers, performing basic and applied research, advising on psychological methods and theories, and administering psychology programs in hospitals, clinics, research laboratories, etc. Students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in psychology can fulfill lower division requirements at Pikes Peak Community College. Students should note that graduate degrees are required for most professional positions in psychology.

NOTE: Psychology majors are advised to complete PSY 101 and PSY 102.

Students may follow the degree with designation in Psychology or transfer guide in Psychology to a particular four-year college or university. Consult your Faculty Advisor to assist you in determining the best pathway for you.

Courses marked with an asterisk [*] are not currently offered at PPCC.

Content criteria, competencies, and student learning outcomes associated with the general education courses required for this degree can be found on the Colorado Department of Higher Education website.

Written Communication

Six (6) credit hours

ENG 121

English Composition I: CO1


ENG 122

English Composition II: CO2





ENG 122

English Composition II: CO2


ENG 201

English Composition III: CO3





HIS 265

Writing About History: CO3



Three-four (3-4) credit hours

  • GT - One GT Pathways course (GT-MA1) prefer MAT 135, except:
    • Colorado Mesa University requires either MAT 120 or MAT 121
    • Colorado State University, Pueblo prefers MAT 121
    • Fort Lewis College requires MAT 135
    • University of Colorado, Boulder requires MAT 121
    • University of Colorado, Colorado Springs requires MAT 121
    • Western State Colorado University requires MAT 121

Arts and Humanities

Nine (9) hours. Full list of requirements.

  • GT - Two GT Pathways Arts and Humanities courses (AH1, AH2, AH3, AH4). No more than two (2) courses from any one category.


Three (3) credit hours. Full list of requirements.

  • GT - One GT Pathways History course (HI1)

Social and Behavioral Sciences

Six (6) credit hours. Full list of requirements.

  • GT - Two GT Pathways Social and Behavioral Sciences courses (SS1, SS2, SS3)

Natural and Physical Sciences

Seven-eight (7-8) credit hours. Full list of requirements.

  • GT - Two GT Pathways Natural and Physical Sciences courses (SC1, SC2). One of these courses must have the required laboratory (SC1).

Additional Required Courses

Eighteen (18) credit hours

Please note: if these credits are not required for the major at a receiving four-year institution, they will be applied to the Bachelor’s degree as elective credit towards graduation. Please check with the receiving institution to determine in which way these courses will be applied.

COM 115

Public Speaking





COM 125

Interpersonal Communication


PSY 101

General Psychology I: SS3


PSY 102

General Psychology II: SS3


Choose nine (9) credit hours GT Pathways Psychology courses (SS3)

PSY 205

Psychology of Gender: SS3


PSY 217

Human Sexuality: SS3


PSY 226

Social Psychology: SS3


PSY 227

The Psychology of Death & Dying: SS3


PSY 235

Human Growth & Development: SS3


PSY 238

Child Development: SS3


PSY 240*

Health Psychology: SS3


PSY 249

Abnormal Psychology: SS3


PSY 265

Psychology of Personality: SS3



Six-eight (6-8) credit hours selected from the AA approved course list.

Total Credit Hours


Additional information available on the Psychology Department website at