Placement Testing

The Colorado Community College System requires that you take a college placement test to determine your readiness for college-level courses if you are not submitting current ACT/SAT scores or do not have one of the exemptions listed below. To verify you are college ready for English and Math you need to provide either ACT, SAT, Accuplacer, or proof of completion of college level English or Math courses to the Testing Center. Taking a college skills placement test is required of all:

  • First-time, degree-seeking undergraduates;
  • Non-degree seeking undergraduates who change to degree-seeking status;
  • Non-degree or degree seeking first-time undergraduates who have graduated from a Colorado public or private high school (or its equivalent) during the previous academic year if they do not meet the exemption below.

Students exempted from assessment include those who:

  • Have completed college-level transfer mathematics and college-level transfer writing courses or a remedial course (if required) in mathematics, writing, and reading are exempt from assessment;
  • Earned a baccalaureate degree;
  • Earned a transfer-oriented associate degree (i.e., AA or AS); excludes AGS and AAS graduates;
  • Are pursuing a vocational certificate. (Institutions may be more stringent and require assessment of certificate-seekers); or
  • Have recently (with-in the last two years) graduated from High School with a Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher(un-weighted), completed their Junior year English with a "B" or better(with-in the last 24 months), completed Algebra II (If pursuing an Career Technical or Quantitative Literacy pathway) OR Pre-Calculus (if pursuing an Algebraic pathway) with a "B" or better (within the last 18 months).

If you meet one or more of the exemptions above, please bring your supporting documentation (unofficial transcripts are ok for this purpose) into any testing center to have the exemption applied. You may also scan and email them to

If you do not have any of the exemptions above please go to our webpage and fill out the CCPT in-take form. (go to, Services Tab, then Testing Center, then placement testing) You will need to know the math pathway (C/E, QL or AL) for the Degree or Certificate you are pursuing before you fill out the form. There is a look-up table on our webpage. We will contact you with-in 72 hours with an email to your PPCC student email account indicating if you need to take the placement test or not.

The PPCC Testing Centers are located in A-201 at Centennial Campus, S-101 at Rampart Range Campus and room S-102 at the Downtown Studio Campus. College skills placement tests may be taken during Testing Center hours at any of the campus locations above, as well as Ft. Carson, Bldg. 1117 and Peterson AFB, Bldg. 1141. Call for an appointment. Test results have no effect on acceptance to PPCC. College skills placement test scores will be available a few minutes after the tests are completed so that students can take them to the Career Planning and Advising Center for assistance in selecting classes.

Since placement into basic skills instruction is now mandatory in Colorado, the placement test is very important. It is designed to only be taken once. We advise students to review English, math, and reading with materials available in the Library before taking the test. A list of websites is available at any Testing Center and our webpage. You may also choose to go to the Learning Assistance Center at Centennial Campus or the Library at either The Downtown Studio or Rampart Range Campus to prepare for the test. Please read the directions carefully and do your very best work when taking the test. It is preferred that you call and schedule an appointment to test. We have a limited walk-in but you may have to wait without an appointment. Scheduling an appointment assures you will be able to test when you come in.

All new students entering the English Language Institute (ELI) must take a placement test. This test will place new students into one of three levels; basic, intermediate, or advanced. The test is available on computer at all campuses. ELI students should call 719-502-3535 for further information.

Accommodations are available for students with documented disabilities. You will need to contact OASIS to schedule a testing time with them.

You must have a valid photo ID to test. Testing hours are Monday and Tuesday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Fridays 9a.m. to 5 p.m. All testing stops fifteen minutes prior to closing time.

Please call any of the Testing Centers to schedule a testing appointment or for additional information: Centennial Campus Testing Center, 719-502-3370; Rampart Range Campus Testing Center, 719-502-3380; or Downtown Studio Campus Testing Center, 719-502-3390.