Locations and Facilities

To make a college education accessible and convenient to everyone, Pikes Peak Community College has established three full-service campuses in Colorado Springs. The Centennial, Downtown Studio and Rampart Range Campuses provide educational services to the south, central, north and north east areas of the city.

Each full-service campus is a one-stop center for students which includes an Student Services Center, providing admissions, financial aid, records and cashier services. Services include a bookstore, library services, student life, student government offices and a Testing Center. Additionally, each campus provides Student Support Services, including student scheduling and academic advising, Learning Assistance Center/Tutoring, career services, and services for students with disabilities. Public bus service reaches the Downtown and Centennial campuses from all parts of the city. There is currently no bus service to Rampart Range Campus.

Other sites around the region include education centers at Fort Carson, Peterson Air Force Base, and the U.S. Air Force Academy.