ENG 201 English Composition III: CO3

3 Credit Hours • 45 Contact Hours (Lecture)

Prerequisite: ENG 122 (Grade of C or higher)

Provides students with skills necessary to enter into higher-level undergraduate academic discourse or professional workplace writing. ENG 201 extends students' rhetorical knowledge and develops critical reading, thinking, and writing strategies in multiple specialized areas of discourse beyond what they encounter in ENG 122. In ENG 201, students deepen their rhetorical and writing skills by learning to analyze, synthesize, summarize, complex texts and incorporate this information into specific writing conventions for a defined discipline. As a more advanced composition course, ENG 201 provides interested students with the opportunity to continue their exploration of expository writing with the added benefit of learning to write for distinct audiences (format, language, level of specificity, length, and documentation style). Students will also learn effective editing and revising techniques, discipline-specific writing strategies, and how to extend their mastery of rhetorical strategies. While ENG 201 may be taught with the focus in a variety of disciplines (science writing, gender studies, literary criticism, writing in the humanities, business writing, political geography, philosophy, and so on), every discipline will allow students the opportunity to learn how to communicate with specialized audiences and adapt content to the needs of varying rhetorical situations.