EMS 140 Advanced Simulation Lab

3 Credit Hours • 67.5 Contact Hours (Lecture/Lab Combination)

Prerequisite: EMS 138

Builds upon the knowledge gained in the basic simulation lab. The participants will be exposed to the environment they will function in upon completion of their Emergency Medical Service (EMS) education. Participants will be expected to manage all aspects of an EMS call at the advanced life support level from the time of dispatch to patient transfer. This will include radio, verbal and written communications; legal and ethical issues; response activities; scene assessment and management; patient interaction, assessment, and treatment; patient disposition, and preparation for the next call. Simulations are realistic representations of calls an advanced life support clinician may encounter, and are conducted in "real time." T-here is no verbalization of any aspect of the call. Unless a safety issue exists there is no instructor interaction with the learner until the call is complete and the debriefing session occurs. The knowledge base for this course is based on current EMT certification, information gained during the basic simulation lab, and knowledge and skills acquired from advanced life support classes.