DIT 271 Clinical Experience: Hospital

6 Credit Hours • 180 Contact Hours (Clinical)

Incorporates first-hand experience with health care clients in a hospital setting. Emphasizes therapeutic dietetics and the application of nutritional care to clinical cases. Provides experience in hospital policy and procedures, nutrition education in a hospital and hospital food service management. Enables the student to have the opportunity to chart and follow an individual patient in a case study. The course carries 2-4 credits. Students are expected to meet weekly in a seminar class in addition to their on-site work. Students receiving 4 hours credit will work 165 hours at the specified sites plus 15 hours of seminar. Students receiving 2 hours credit will work 75 hours at their specified site plus 15 hours of seminar. This course is part of the American Dietetic Association accredited program for the Dietetic Technician. The clinical coordinator and student work out a mutually agreeable schedule to accomplish the required hours.