DIT 270 Clinical Experience: Community

2-4 Credit Hours • 30 Contact Hours per credit hour (Clinical)

Gives first-hand experience with community nutrition and the changing health care delivery systems. It provides an overview of the agencies and programs involved in community nutrition. It also addresses the significant nutrition problems facing society. The student will have an in-depth experience in one community nutrition agency. The course carries 2-4 semester credits. Students are expected to meet weekly in a seminar class in addition to their on-site work. Students receiving 4 hours credit will work 165 hours at the specified sites plus the 15 hours of seminar. Students receiving 2 hours credit will work 75 hours at their specified site plus the 15 hours of seminar. This course is part of the American Dietetic Association accredited program for the Dietetic Technician. The clinical coordinator and student work out a mutually agreeable schedule to accomplish the required hours.