Conduct in College Buildings

By Colorado Executive Order, smoking tobacco products is not permitted in any College facility. Smoking tobacco products includes the use of cigars, cigarettes and electronic smoking devises (i.e. e-cigarettes).

Eating or drinking is not permitted in classrooms, laboratories, shops, the theatre, and the gymnasium, except when permission is granted by the person immediately responsible for supervision of the affected area.

Animals, except when needed for instruction or by disabled persons, are not allowed in any College building. Animals on the College grounds must be on a leash.

Leaving children unattended or unsupervised in campus buildings or on campus grounds can constitute child abuse or child neglect (as outlined in the Colorado Child Protection Act of 1975). Children are not permitted in classrooms during class meeting times.

The College may require students to pay replacement or repair costs for College equipment lost, broken, or damaged through carelessness, negligence, or misconduct.