College Opportunity Fund (COF)

The State of Colorado historically subsidized higher education for in-state students by giving money directly to the colleges. In 2004 the Colorado Legislature enacted a new law establishing the College Opportunity Fund (COF). Under this new law, the State gives this money for the subsidy to students by sending it to the institution the student designates. This money, known as the College Opportunity Fund stipend, will be applied to an in-state student’s tuition if the student applies for and authorizes the use of the stipend. The college you are attending will receive the money and it will appear as a credit on your tuition bill. Currently the College Opportunity Fund (COF) stipend is estimated to be worth $77 per credit hour.

Failure to sign up and authorize COF will result in the loss of this stipend. To sign up go to

Estimated Per Credit Hour Base Tuition Calculation

Total estimated base in-state tuition


Minus estimated College Opportunity Fund Stipend


Student’s estimated share of in-state tuition