The bookstores at the Centennial and Rampart Range Campuses stock books and supplies needed for courses offered at that campus. A wide variety of other school supplies and PPCC insignia items are also available at all three campus bookstores.

Textbooks may be purchased from our bookstore online at Course material information in accordance with the College Opportunity and Affordability Act is available at

The bookstores have several opportunities for you to sell your eligible books back. The demand for books and the condition of your books will determine eligibility for all buyback opportunities listed below.

  • "Top Dollar Buyback" is scheduled at the end of each semester. This is an opportunity for you to sell your books back for up to 50 percent of the bookstore purchase price.
  • Buybacks are also scheduled at the beginning of each term. This buyback offers wholesale value for your eligible books.
  • In addition, between scheduled buyback events, the bookstore will review your books for buyback eligibility on a daily basis. If eligible, we can pay you wholesale value for your books. This is available online at or in one of our stores during normal business hours. There are circumstances where buyback proceeds may be applied to outstanding balances at the College.