AIDS Policy

Current knowledge indicates that individuals with Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS), AIDS Related Complex (ARC), or a positive test for antibody to the Human T-Lymphotrophic Virus Type III (HTLV-III/HIV) do not pose a health risk to others in a non-laboratory academic setting. According to current medical data, the virus is not transmitted by casual contact. Based on this knowledge, individuals sharing common work or study areas, libraries, classrooms, recreational facilities, cafeterias, and theaters do not present a problem or public health threat to the College community. Laboratories and/or programs dealing with body fluids will teach and practice universal precautionary procedures.

Students or employees of Pikes Peak Community College who are or may become infected with the AIDS virus will not be excluded from enrollment or employment or restricted in their access to College services or facilities unless medically-based judgments indicate restriction is necessary for the welfare of the individual or other members of the College community. There will be no mandatory screening of prospective or current students or employees for the AIDS virus; harassment or discrimination against people infected with the AIDS virus will not be tolerated. Further, the strictest principles of confidentiality will be maintained in management of personal medical information, as provided by law.

Currently, there is no cure for AIDS. Prevention of the disease through education is crucial. The College is committed to ongoing awareness efforts through its curriculum, student and staff activities, and community events.