The Campus Activities Office directs a full schedule of cultural, wellness, arts, and topical events aimed at enriching student life on campus. Lunch hour concerts, make-overs, horoscope readings, juggling, and novelties typify activities between classes. Wellness and lifestyle activities include the Fitness Fair, Smoke-out, blood drives, flu shots, and personal growth focused programs. Multi-cultural events include heritage focuses on African Americans, Native Americans, and women, with special events offerings of Cinco de Mayo activities, Mariachi music, and West African dance. Current events are covered with a wide range of speakers, panels and forums. The Campus Activities Office invites your ideas and participation. Please call 719-502-2091 for more information.

Discounted tickets and selected city and state events are available to students. PPCC also has a membership to the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, making admission to the gallery and access to the art library free to students as well as offering discounts in the FAC gift shop and events. Through the Student Life Office, students can also reserve meeting room space in the Campus Center.