Accessibility Services


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Accessibility Services strives to create an accessible environment by providing reasonable and appropriate services and accommodations for students with disabilities. The College is committed to providing quality educational support for the diverse needs of its students.

Support services and accommodations may include:

  • Computer Assistive Technology
  • alternative testing arrangements
  • advocacy training
  • identification of strengths and weaknesses
  • instruction in learning strategies
  • note taking (primarily student volunteers)
  • readers/scribes for accommodative testing only
  • text in alternate formats
  • interpreting services (Sign Language)

Accessibility Services is available to the PPCC community – students, faculty, and staff – for consultation and collaboration on disability issues.

It is the responsibility of students requesting an accommodation due to a qualifying disability to self-identify by registering with Accessibility Services, to apply for supportive services, and to furnish documentation, if requested, about the nature and extent of their disability. This information is kept confidential and will be used to plan for appropriate services and accommodations. Students must meet with their disability specialist prior to the beginning of each semester to discuss arrangements for needed timely accommodations. The College is not obligated to provide or continue to provide accommodations that are not approved by ACCESSility Services.

Informing other staff or faculty does not constitute registering with Accessibility Services. Accommodation requests are evaluated individually to make a determination regarding the provision of reasonable accommodations based on a review and analysis of documentation and circumstances.

Determination of accommodations can be an involved and lengthy process; therefore, students are encouraged to begin the Accessibility Services registration process and submit any required documentation as soon as possible. For incoming students, this should be done eight weeks prior to their first semester. For current Accessibility Services students, accommodation renewal appointments should also be made eight weeks prior to each semester to allow time to provide supported accommodations in a timely manner. Students who don’t meet these timelines are still encouraged to call Accessibility Services for information or an appointment.

Proof of purchase for textbooks is required before alternate format materials can be ordered which can take up to eight weeks to receive.

It is Accessibility Services’ practice to NOT support accommodations on a provisional basis. However, Accessibility Services may, at its discretion, support accommodations on a provisional basis (one semester only) in the absence of any required documentation. However, students who receive provisional accommodations must provide the required documentation in order to continue receiving accommodations beyond the one semester of provisional accommodations. Updated documentation may be required depending on the disabling condition, current status of the student and the student’s request for accommodations.

Please note the following:

  1. Accommodations will not be provided even on a provisional basis if there is no indication of a qualifying disability as determined by an Accessibility Services Accommodation Request Determination review. Also, the following may not permit the implementation of any supported accommodation(s): required course Standard Competencies; required essential job duties of an internship or practicum; or degree requirements or national technical standards. Please check with your program area regarding requesting contact information to request accommodations for any professional certification of licensure testing that is not administered by the College. Please refer to the Disability Services Notification for Faculty (accommodation form) for requests that are not guaranteed accommodations because they are discretionary.
  2. Documentation accepted by and accommodations provided by PPCC/Accessibility Services may or may not be accepted by testing agencies or other higher education institutions.
  3. Accommodations provided in the academic environment may or may not be provided at internships, clinical sites, or in the workplace. Please consult with your program adviser and/or Department Chair and Human Resources at your place of work.

It is the student’s responsibility to self-advocate for approved accommodations that are not being provided since accommodations cannot be provided retroactively.

All students, with or without a disability, must adhere to the Student Code of Conduct.

Computer Access Center. The Computer Access Center is located at the Centennial Campus. The center utilizes computer assistive technology such as screen readers, voice recognition, alternative input/output devices, and screen magnification. Courses combining word processing and assistive technology are offered.

Interpreting Services. Interpreter, Oral, and Transliteration services are available for Deaf and hard of hearing students. Call 502-3026 or VP 358-2453 for more information.